Ever wondered how you could investigate issues/failures or even find out more information about your Docker image and containers?

In today's post we will be doing just that by answering the following questions:

  • how do you get detailed information about a docker object?
  • how do you get the full history of a docker image?
  • You're running an application in a container and something that is meant to be working fails. How do you view the logs for this container?
  • What command can you use to see the runtime metrics of your container?

For this article, I have gone ahead and…

In this post, we will be looking at

  • What Cadence is
  • Cadence concepts to understand to better put Cadence to use
  • Cadence services and tools
  • Adding Cadence to your existing stack
  • A demo on creating workflows and activities with Cadence

What is Cadence? 🤔 🤔

Cadence is a highly scalable fault-oblivious stateful code (workflow) platform.

This means the state of our [workflow] code, including local variables and threads it creates, is immune to process and Cadence service failures.

Next, let's try and understand Cadence concepts…

Cadence Concepts

As Cadence is a workflow orchestrator, it uses words (or terminologies) from the workflow-automation space. Its key concepts include

  • Domain…

It has really been an interesting 2020! In all, I hope you all are doing and keeping well. 😉

Today, we continue with my journey with ReactJs and specifically looking at Hooks and answering questions like

  • what Hooks are;
  • why should you care;
  • how do we migrate existing class to functions with useStateHook?
  • And in our tradition, we will also show an example.

React Hook(s)

Hook(s) was introduced in React 16.8. The reason for its introduction is to make state and lifecycle management in our React applications easier and without the need for a class 😮

So what is it exactly 🙄 🤔

Hooks are functions that let you…

As we all heal — emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically; and as scientists find a lasting solution to the Covid-19 pandemic, I do really hope you (yes you reading😃) are doing well.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you my experience and learnings on ReactJs and ending with a sample application.

Why ReactJs?

This month I decided to learn a new Javascript framework and actually put it to use and the choice is ReactJs 🤷‍♂

Create and execute a Jenkins Pipeline

Who would have thought a virus brings the world to a standstill?!? I really do hope you all are keeping and staying well. ❤️

As is the tradition of our TechBite series, we take a look at a tool or set of tools and try to put them to use.

In today's TechBite, we will be taking a look at Jenkins to answer questions like

  • What is Jenkins?
  • What’s a Jenkins Pipeline?
  • How can we install Jenkins?
  • What is Jenkinsfile?
  • How do we run our Springboot application through a Jenkins Pipeline with Gradle as our build tool?

Now, let's get…

What? Why? How?

Welcome to this month's TechBite. Please be safe and stay healthy during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. ❤️

In this TechBite, we will be looking at the Docker Registry. What it is, Why does it exist at all and of course how we use it.

What? 🤔

What is Docker Registry?

Before we look at the definition for Docker Registry, let us consider the following

  • you have just built your Docker image using docker build
  • you want to push (using docker push) to storage which you fully manage and control
  • other than being able to manage this storage, you want to be…

A great week to be writing a TechBite… The UK leaves the EU. Whoops!! 👀 It's a TechBite, not a PolitcsBite 🤷‍♂

In today's post, we will be taking a look at sending emails using Spring Email. To illustrate a mailbox, we will be using MailHog and later on use Gmail.

MailHog, What is it? 🤔

In very simple terms, MailHog is an email testing tool that developers (and probably anyone too! 👀) can utilize to test email sending (and recipients).

MailHog UI

My key attractions to MailHog includes

  • Ease of setup;
  • Ability to list, retrieve and delete messages via a JSON API and also a UI

Serializing only fields with values

It’s the first #TechBite of 2020 😃.

Hopefully, you all had a lovely Christmas and New year break.

So let us get straight to it…

@JsonInclude. What is it? 🤔

According to the documentation

Annotation used to indicate when value of the annotated property (when used for a field, method or constructor parameter), or all 
properties of the annotated class, is to be serialized.
Without annotation property values are always included, but by using
this annotation one can specify simple exclusion rules to reduce
amount of properties to write out.

When can we use it?

The first statement in the documentation says it all but…

Ever thought, how do I manage my docker containers, images, volumes, networks etc outside of the command line?

In today’s TechBite we will be looking at Portainer 👌.

So what is Portainer? 🤔

Portainer is, first of all, a docker image we can instantiate as a container. Once running as a container, gives us a Web UI for building and managing our Docker host or Docker swarm environments.

Why would you need Portainer?

A few reasons why you might want to have Portainer in running in your environment include

  • You prefer a UI-like solution that gives you a click-through to visualize your docker environment;
  • You have a microservice application running…

The idea behind my starting a TechBite series of articles is to share technical solutions I have found out or stumbled upon whilst using tools and/or services.

Now to the first TechBite!

Before we begin, let's answer your question — Why would you want to save a docker image? 🤔


  • Suppose docker images used by your organization are stored in a private container registry and a new team member joins your team but currently does not have access permission to this private registry and needs to set up his/her development environment. …

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